Nursery specialising in the production of bare root fruit trees, pome and stone, of protected varieties and standard varieties.

Fruit trees in bags and pots

1, 2 and 3-year-old fruit tree


1, 2 and 3-year-old fruit presentations

Article Presentation Trunk height Training unit per exhibitor
1-year fruit tree (bag) 2 l. bag 110 cm Unbranched 120-150
1-year fruit tree (pot) Flowerpot 2 l.  110 cm Unbranched
Branched fruit tree 2 years (bag) 5 l. bag 150 cm Branched 130-150
Branched fruit tree 2 years (pot) Pot 5 l. 150 cm Unbranched
3-year fruit tree (pot) Pot 10 l. 150 cm Branched 40

Exhibitors can combine varieties as long as they are the same size as pot or bag.

Varieties of fruit of 1, 2 and 3 years

Plant Varieties
Apricot tree Paviot, Bulida, Moniquí, Pepito Rubio, Galta Roja.
Almond tree Guara, Marcona, Largueta.
Cherry tree Napoleon, Guindo, Burlat, Starking, Picota, Sunburst, Lapins, Summit.
Plum tree Blackamber, Claudia, Friar, President, Fortune, Songold, Claudia Green, Claudia Tolosa.
Apple tree Golden, Pippin, Starking, Fuji, Royal gala, Green maid, Granny Smith.
Peach tree Flavorcrest, Miraflores, Carsón, Calanda, Baby Gold, Catherine, White Peach, Saturn Peach, Andros, Platerina.
Pear tree Magallón, Ercolini, Barlet, Blanquilla, Conference, Limonera, Castell, Williams.
Nectarine Fairlane, Fantasia.
Quince tree Grajan.
Walnut Common.
Loquat Tanaka
Pomegranate Common.
Fig tree White, Black.
Persimmon Bright red.
Hazel Common.

Dwarf fruit, shrub and two species


Presentations of dwarf fruit, shrub and two species

Article Presentation Trunk height Formation Unit per exhibitor
Fruit two species (bag) 5 l. bag 150 cm 2 grafts 130
Fruit two species (pot) Pot 5 l. 150 cm 2 grafts 80
Dwarf fruit (bag) 2 l. bag 40 cm Branched 25 units/box
Dwarf fruit tree (pot) Pot 2 l. 40 cm Branched 80
Fruit bush (bag) * 2 l. bag 40 cm Unbranched 32 units/box
Fruit bush (pot)* Pot 2 l. 40 cm Unbranched 80

* Currant, Raspberry and Blackberry.

Dwarf fruit tree varieties, shrub and two species

Type of presentation Varieties
Dwarf fruit Yellow plum, yellow apple tree, yellow pear tree, cherry tree, peach, nectarine, apricot.
Fruit bush Yellow raspberry, red raspberry, red currant, white currant, blackberry.
Fruit two species Red apple tree – Yellow apple tree; Red pear – Yellow pear; Red cherry tree – White cherry tree; Black plum – Yellow plum; Nectarine – Peach; Peach – Almond