Nursery specialising in the production of bare root fruit trees, pome and stone, of protected varieties and standard varieties.

Roses delivered in bag, pot, box, or bare-root


Presentations of roses

Article Presentation Stem height Formation Unit per exhibitor
Rosebush in bag 2 l. bag 25 cm 2 to 4 arms 32 units/box
Rose in box 2 l. bag (individual case) 25 cm 2 to 4 arms 15 units/box
Rose bush in pot Pot 2 l. 25 cm 2 to 4 arms 96 unit/display
Rose in pot (6 units) Pot 2 l. 25 cm 2 to 4 arms 6 units/box

Varieties of rose bush

Type Varieties
Grandiflora rose bush Imperial Chrysler (Red), Queen Elizabeth (Pink), Queen Elizabeth (White), Buccaner (Yellow), Black Pearl (Red), Lady X (Violet), Firmament (Red), Carina (Pink), Landora (Yellow), Antigone (Bicolour), Romantic (Orange), Roundelay (Red), Scandia (Red), Leticia (White).
Rosal trepador Imperial Chrysler (Red), Camellia (White), Landora (Yellow), Queen Elizabeth (Pink).
Rosal miniatura Leticia (White), Little Buccaro (Red).