Nursery specialising in the production of bare root fruit trees, pome and stone, of protected varieties and standard varieties.

The company


Augusta Viveros S.L was founded in 1997 by Mr. Ángel López, agricultural engineer, who decided to create his own company after years of experience in the nursery industry.

Our company specialises in the production of bare root fruit trees, both pome and stone, to deliver during the months of November to March and whose destination is mostly farmers.

20% of our production is dedicated to gardening and we deliver in pot or bag. This production of bare root fruit trees and rootstocks goes to gardening centres, shopping centres, distributors, etc.

“In Augusta Viveros you will find bare root fruit trees of standard varieties and protected ViF International® varieties”

Currently we count on a 7-hectare production area, an 800 sq m greenhouse for potted plants, and a 1,000 sq m warehouse for storage and later shipment of our orders.


We are in Calatayud (Zaragoza), where the continental climate allows excellent plant adaptation to extreme colds as well as to warm summers. You will find us 3 kilometres from Calatayud, in Marivella, towards Zaragoza, in front of the camping site.